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Big country house outside of Santanyí

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This large, newly built Mediterranean-style country house is situated one kilometer outside the gates Santanyí on approximately 25.000m2 of land with panoramic views of the picturesque town of Santanyi with its cafes, bars, galleries and the famous weekly market. On two floors are spread six bedrooms with six en-suite bathrooms, dressing rooms, gallery, spacious living room with fireplace, dining area, fully equipped kitchen and utility room. All rooms have own access own the terraces, gardens and the pool with BBQ and pool house. Oil central heating, garage for three cars. 

Ref.: 1383
Property type: Chalet / House
Region: Santanyí
Location: Santanyí
Living area518 m²Plot size24.860 m²
Certificate of energy efficiency
PoolGardenGarage / ParkingGarage / ParkingAir conditioner
2.200.000 €


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