Bright apartment with sea views in Calonge

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This well-kept apartment is located in the pretty and authentic village of Calonge and is on the second floor. The rooms are provided with plenty of natural light and offer an excellent panoramic view all the way to the sea. The apartment has a large roof terrace (50m2) for sole use. With its three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living-dining area, kitchen and winter garden, the result is a generous living space of approx. 140 m².

This apartment is suitable both as a permanent residence and as a temporary holiday or commuter domicile. The closest beach is the wonderful bay of Cala Sa Nau and is only 2km away.

Ref.: 1653
Property type: Flat / Apartment
Region: Santanyí
Location: Calonge
Living area140 m²Bedrooms3
Bathrooms2Certificate of energy efficiency
HeatingSea viewAir conditioner
250.000 €

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