Impressing Townhouse in prime Location in Santanyi

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A few minutes' walk from the historic center of Santanyí this large town house is located with about 700 m2 of residential and commercial space. From the roof terrace you have a fantastic panoramic view over the roofs and idyllic courtyards of Santanyi, the church of Sant Andreu which dates from the 18th century and over the surrounding fields up to the monastery of San Salvador, the sea and the island of Cabrera. Up here there is also an apartment with bedroom, bathroom and dressing room, terrace in front of the master bedroom. An utility room is located opposite. The apartment is part of the underneath lying flat and can be reached separately or by a staircase from the flat. This apartment has 200m2, spread over three bedrooms and three bathrooms, two en suite. Large living room with stairs to the apartment, fully equipped kitchen. Solid and very high quality built with solid wood beams, antique style with traditional elements. On the first floor are also 200m2 available, of which approximately 100m2 built as an apartment, 100m2 more can still be expanded. On the ground floor is currently a shop with warehouse and office premises, also 200m2 footprint. Beautiful marble facade. An object with a lot of potential, here could be raised a small hotel, a day spa, etc. Under the house is a big Cistern that can be easily opened and converted into a swimming pool.

Ref.: 1464
Property type: Town / Terraced house
Region: Santanyí
Location: Santanyí pueblo
Living area700 m²Plot size300 m²
Certificate of energy efficiency
Air conditioner
1.000.000 €