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Flat in Santanyi with garden

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dddd spacious and newly renovated apartment is located in the heart of Santanyi. From the entrance area you can reach 2 small bedrooms and to the right of this there is a large living room and 2 further spacious rooms. There is a renovated bathroom and a new kitchen with pantry. You can spend the summer hours on the large terrace or in the 280m2 garden that is at your disposal. You can park your car comfortably in the large garage. There is a pre-installation for a cold / warm air conditioner, this could be installed by arrangement.


1.5 MM brokerage fee plus VAT - 2 months deposit

Ref.: 1642
Property type: Flat / Apartment
Region: Santanyí
Location: Santanyí pueblo
Living area133 m²Plot size300 m²
Certificate of energy efficiency
GardenGarage / Parking
1.200 € / month

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