Antique Mansion with stunning views near Santa Eugenia

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This 18th century mansion, in need of refurbishment, is located in a prime location on top of a hill with really

beautiful views of the wide valley before Santa Eugenia and the Tramuntana mountains.

The main building with many antique details has on two floors over 400m2 of living space, further stables and outbuildings increase the total constructed area to 600m2.

The property must be completely renovated, but has great potential due to its exposed location.

Here you can build an exclusive country hotel or a representative private estate.

Ref.: 1509
Property type: Country house / Country estate
Region: Interior - Alaró / Santa Maria
Location: Santa Eugènia
Living area600 m²Plot size13.455 m²
Certificate of energy efficiency
800.000 €

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